Announcements: August 20, 2017


At HCC, CPR groups (Christ Promoting Relationships) is all about discipleship and relationships. We follow Jesus' example of putting these things into practice in our families, community, jobs, schools and those we come into contact with. On August 20 we will host a carry-in lunch and informative meeting following worship service. This is open to everyone interested in finding out more about CPR groups. For more information and to sign up to help please contact John Lancaster or you can call him at (256) 864-2220.


The Fall Quarter for Sunday School classes begins on Sunday, September 3. Four different classes will be offered for all adults to choose from:

Biblical Deaconship
Gospel of Matthew (Part 1)
Romans (Part 1)

Help us prepare for the new classes by signing up for the class you plan to attend. You can do this at the info pod in the main foyer or by filling out the from online on our website at: To learn more about these class' you can pick up a copy of the Sunday School catalog at the Welcome Booth in the foyer.


The Promera Iglesia Cristiana del Norte del Alabama Church is hosting a cookout at their church on Sunday, September 3 at 1PM. All the food and drinks will be provided. Please sign up at the info pod in the foyer so that our hosts can plan accordingly. The Cookout will be the conclusion of the Churches' revival that they will be hosting rhoughout the weekend with the main topics of the weekend being discipleship and leadership. Bill Crandel from Message of Life Ministries in Ecuador will be the main speaker. The schedule is:

Friday, September 1 | Worship Service @ 7PM
Saturday, September 2 | Workshops @10AM - 12PM | Worship Service @ 6PM
Sunday, September 3 | Worship Service @ 10AM | Fellowship Lunch @ 1PM


Sunday, September 3 | CIY Debrief (High School Students)
Sunday, September 10 | Dinner with Dr. Bungu from As He Is Mission. 



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